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Sultan Kudarat – Mindanao




ELEVATION: 900 – 1300 MASL


NOTES: Cacao, Semi-Sweet, Smoky, Almond

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We are committed to giving our consumers access to premium and high-quality single-origin coffee at an affordable price, without having to oversell. We’re all about bringing a premium coffee experience to more consumers, which they usually get from known cafes, by enabling them to recreate it at the comfort of their homes.

Because coffee is more than just sipping it from a cup. It’s an experience, a passion that could make every moment extra special.

➜Sultan Kudarat, Daguma – Tasting Notes: Cacao, Semi-Sweet, Smoky, Almond, Molasses


✔️Coffee Packaging: Our coffee pouch has a zip lock and one-way valve, allowing carbon dioxide to escape out of the bag while preventing oxygen from getting into the bag. Oxygen is the main reason behind the staling of coffee and our packaging helps to extend the vitality of the beans. This doesn’t just make the coffee beans fresh, but also make them free from bacteria. While our team is still working on finding the most eco-friendly coffee pouch, we ask you to please recycle our coffee pouches.

✔️Inner pouch We try to reduce the use of single-use plastics by using brown paper bags to protect your purchases. We do our best to try to avoid using bubble wraps except for bigger orders, especially if we’re out of carton boxes. All pouches/parcels are proven safe and secure during transit based on our sales data and successful deliveries since we started 3 years ago. Thank you to those who appreciate this effort!

✔️Outer packaging We use pouches provided by J&T, Gogo Express, and Shopee Express for orders below 2 kilos. For bigger purchases, we use new or recycled corrugated boxes, or bubble wraps (case to case basis, making sure we still follow Shopee’s packaging guidelines).

🕒 Roasting schedules We usually roast a small batch of different varieties every week to ensure freshness. We are now a roast on-demand coffee roaster, our sales data and statistics are analyzed to produce a more accurate supply based on demand. We release our beans 2 to 5 days after the roast date, coffee beans need to degas to develop their flavor and taste profile. Degassing varies depending on the type of coffee and roast. It, therefore, can take anywhere from 3 days to 3 weeks until the coffee is ready for brewing and consumption. This would still depend on the coffee variety and roasting profile.

*We also offer roast-to-order option via our “Roast to order” listing, we release some secret stash and other varieties not included in our usual catalog. Our “Roast to order” listing is intended for our coffee enthusiast consumers who are very particular with roast dates, coffee brewing extraction profiles, and those who’d like to discover different flavors based on how long the coffee has been roasted. This option is also intended for consumers who’d like to subscribe to our range of single-origin coffees, and/or for beginners who’d like to expand their palates with diverse tasting notes. We are committed to giving our consumers access to premium and high-quality single-origin coffee at an affordable price, without having to oversell.

Have a problem with your parcels or orders? Please PM us before leaving feedback so we can attend to your concern asap. We are always happy to assist you.

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