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The Ultimate V60 Technique by James Hoffmann

The Ultimate V60 Technique by James Hoffmann

Brew ratio: 60 g/L (e.g. 30 g per 500 mL)
Grind size: medium fine
Temperature: the hotter, the better (especially with lighter roasts)

◉ Grind 30 g of coffee
◉ Rinse paper filter with water just off the boil

This removes any paper taste and preheats the brewer

◉ Add coffee grounds to V60
◉ Create well in the middle of the grounds

This helps to evenly saturate all the grounds during the blooming phase

◉ Start timer

t = 0:00

◉ Add 2x coffee weight = 60 g of bloom water

Don’t use more than 3x coffee weight

◉ Swirl the coffee slurry until evenly mixed

The aim is to wet all the coffee grounds by evenly mixing bloom water and coffee
Swirling is better than using a spoon

◉ Bloom for up to 45 s

This allows CO2 to escape which will improve extraction

t = 0:45

◉ Add water aiming for 60% of total brew weight = 300 g in the next 30 s

This phase is critical!

Since you already added 60 g bloom water, add 240 g in 30 s (flow rate = 8 g/s)
A full V60 is good to maintain high temperatures

t = 1:15

P.S.: Don’t worry about pouring directly onto the V60 filter

◉ Add water aiming for 100% of the total brew weight = 500 g in the next 30 s

Since you already added 300 g water, add 200 g in 30 s (flow rate = 6.66 g/s)
Poor a little slower than in the first phase, not too aggressively

t = 1:45

◉ Stir 1x clockwise and 1x anticlockwise with spoon

This knocks off grounds from side wall

◉ Allow V60 to drain a little
◉ Give V60 a gentle swirl

This helps obtain a flat coffee bed at bottom of V60 for even extraction

◉ Let brew drawdown

The higher the temperature, the faster the drawdown
Filter paper also affects drawdown
Aim to finish draw-down by t = 3:30

◉ Enjoy!

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