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About Us

Who We Are

We started our brand as URBN Brews, we supply roasted coffee to cafes, corporate and individuals. Eventually, we rebrand into SIBS Coffee Co. to share our passion and love of great coffee by providing a mobile coffee cart experience for a wide variety of events and groups where we bring people together through the aroma of our well-crafted coffee.

Because coffee is more than just sipping it from a cup. It’s an experience, a passion that could make every moment extra special.

As the reputation for mobile service grew, we diversified our field of operations in different events from small gatherings, birthdays, weddings, corporate events, expo, store openings, product launches, and many more,  so too did the demand for the supply of coffee and so, we began wholesaling and retailing our coffee online using e-commerce platform here in the Philippines and live our two websites (Sibs Coffee Cart and Sibs Coffee Roasters), to market and target a specific niche.

In 2020 during the pandemic, despite the challenging working restrictions, we still continued our production and supply of coffee. Initially, we started supplying coffee beans and brewing bottled drinks for friends and relatives. The support we got fueled us to think out of the box and strive even more. We started to add products such as chilled bottled drinks, coffee filters, and more variants of single origins to our catalog. Given that we’re also IT professionals, we used our knowledge to improve our website and started using e-commerce platforms to boost our business and sales online. We are able to also generate sales by taking advantage and joining promotional online initiatives and TV segments during the peak of the pandemic.

During the COVID pandemic, some of our friends in the courier industry also lost their jobs, we helped each other by hiring them to deliver our offline orders of bottled coffee and coffee beans supply to our friends and new customers.

We joined Globe MyBusiness Program online #SupportLocalSMEs (link here and here.

Television and Live Segment here

We are getting our mobile coffee bar service for small events implementing safety measures during this pandemic.

Each member of Sibs Coffee brings unique skills to the team while immersing ourselves in learning each other’s strengths to help us think out of the box and grow our business.